Next-Generation Radiopharmaceuticals

for precision medicine

Targeted Alpha


Fusion’s R&D team has developed ways to connect alpha emitting medical isotopes to molecules which selectively target biomarkers found on the surface of cancer cells.

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Targeted Alpha Therapeutics

The Science Behind

Targeted Alpha


Alpha particles emitted from medical isotopes can be used to kill cancer cells by creating lethal, double stranded DNA breaks. Unlike most radiation therapies, alpha particles travel only one to three cell lengths, thereby creating the means to selectively kill tumor cells.

At Fusion Pharma, we’re harnessing this potent and precise cell killing strategy to treat cancers via “targeted alpha therapeutics.”

Proprietary Fast-Clear™ Technology

The Fusion Advantage

A Safer Approach

to Targeted Radiopharmaceuticals

Our team is dedicated to improving the lives of cancer patients and positively impacting patients’ families and the community.

We created a proprietary linker to connect cancer-seeking molecules and alpha emitting medical isotopes. The Fast-Clear™ linker was specifically engineered to improve the safety of radiopharmaceuticals by helping the drug clear from normal, healthy tissues.

The Fusion Advantage

Our Manufacturing


As we are a spin-out of a leading manufacturer and distributor of radiopharmaceuticals, the Centre for Probe Development and Commercialization (CPDC), we have experience building a robust supply chain. At Fusion, we develop targeted alpha therapeutics with the forethought of scale-up and reliable commercial production to meet the needs of the global market.